All Bands Play on one Main Stage except for the evening band that plays inside the Taylorsville Historic Grange Hall.

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Vendors are encouraged to arrive and set up. 

Camping will be available for festival-goers to reserve spots Friday and Saturday night. If camping is desired sooner than that please contact the Plumas County Facilities at



9:00am// Food Trucks and Merchants Open

10:00am // Band TBD

11:00am // Band TBD

12:00pm// Band TBD

1:00pm // Band TBD

2:00pm // Band TBD

3:00pm // Band TBD

4:00pm // Band TBD

5:00pm // Band TBD

6:00pm // Band TBD

6:00 - 7:00 // Band TBD

8:30pm// Main Headliner Plays TBD



8:00am - 10:00 am Coffee & Food Available  

11:00 Clean Up Begins 

Campsites must be vacated that afternoon