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What is a Low Impact and Minimum Waste Event?

Following a similar framework to Leave No Trace camping, the Solar Cook-Off and Music Festival is aiming to reduce waste and limit the impact the festival has on the land and surrounding environment by by eliminating single-use plastic items, using reusable silverware, composting food waste, and encouraging participants to come prepared to minimize their footprint on the campground and surrounding area. 

The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment aims to support the accountability of festival culture that is committed to partying responsibly and SUSTAINABLY!

Festival Measure to Reduce Waste​
  • Vendors provide compostable kitchenware 

  • Volunteers will oversee waste management

  • Compostable material will go to local farms and gardens 

How You Can Help And Come Prepared

Bring your own Reusable items!

Bring your own reusable tupperware, straws, waterbottle, and cups with you!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Make sure you properly discard of waste materials at the festival. Stay informed and aware of what you are throwing away - recycle and compost when you can! And whenever possible try to reuse before throwing anything away that is not recyclable or compostable. 

Make Eco-Friendly Purchases

Before purchasing items for the festival, consider buying sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives - such as biodegradable glitter!

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