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Saturday Lineup

Penny & Dude

You really won’t find a much more “local” duo than Penny & Dude.  Arriving in Plumas County in 1978, they have been playing music around here for 40ish years.  


During that time they’ve played with several bands:  Borderline, Jeez Louise and Tarnation.  They were also two thirds of the trio Benny, Penny & Dude.  As a result of all that experience, their repertoire includes many genres and a wide variety of tunes.  Bluesy, folky,  country tunes dot the set list as well as a sprinkling of originals.


Penny & Dude are truly an example of the family that plays together, stays together.  They’ve been doing just that for many years and plan to continue for many more!

Bayou Pom Pom

This group of Plumas County musicians came together during the Covid lockdown in early 2020. By summertime, what had begun as a weekly musical survival tactic gradually became a performing band. By summer they were playing on street corners and in the bars of Quincy.  Their music is eclectic and includes a variety of Mexican and Cajun tunes. The group name, Bayou Pom Pom, comes from their favorite Cajun song by the same name. 

On violin and vocals is Kelsey Kepple, on bass and vocals is Barney Harchis, on violin and guitar is Linda Margaretic, on accordion and vocals, Kenny Davis, and when she is not attending high school in Chico, Kenny’s daughter Lily plays triangle and does a wicked rendition of “House of the Rising Sun”. 

Logan's Dilemma

Logan’s Dilemma is a three-piece band based out of Crescent Mills, California. Often compared with the styles of Paramore and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this group also finds much of their inspiration in your favorite bands from as recently as the 60s. Logan’s Dilemma has goals to spread a new and catchy sound from small towns in NorCal to small towns globally.  Check them out here.

Hip Shakers

Hip Shakers is a band of longtime Plumas-local musicians who have played together for years, a group deeply rooted in the blues, rock and jammin’ jazz.


Showcasing a healthy dose of hip-shakin’ originals blended with their favorite grooves, Hip Shakers will intensify your love for music. With a driving rhythm section, powerhouse interwoven guitars, and an often satirical touch to vocals, Hip Shakers moves your body in ways you’ll find both new and timeless.

The Back 40

The Back 40 is an alternative country and
rock band with a strong connection to Quincy, CA.

The current repertoire includes country-influenced music of all kinds with an emphasis on songs with funny and intelligent lyrics and with multi-part vocal harmonies. 


Tommy Miles sings and plays guitar,

Kelsey Kepple sings and plays fiddle, Chris Retallack on bass, Nathan Retallack on lead guitar, and Emmanuel Lemnah drums. Their enjoyment and appreciation of the music, of each other, and of the audience is obvious and infectious, and the crowd gets to ride the wave of energy and fun that the band members experience every time they get together to play.

Back 40 v.7.0 Publicity 01.jpg

Guitar Woody and The Boilers
with Melanie Perl


Guitar Woody and the Boilers are a Reno based band playing in the northern Nevada, Tahoe and Plumas county areas since 1991. The music consists of a variety of styles from rockin’ blues, R&B and originals.

Melanie Perl has graced the band for the last several years with her electric personality and energy, not to mention her dynamic vocal talent. 

The band has enjoyed playing for the Solar Cook-Off annually since it’s beginnings in the early 90’s and looking forward to performing once again this year at ForestFest.

Blue Haven

Blue Haven is a four piece boogie blues band based out of Reno, Nevada. We specialize in playing up-beat danceable blues music with soul and attitude. Our unique brand of music has a dynamic mixture of styles ranging from West Coast jump to slow Chicago grind, Texas shuffle to flat out Rock & Roll. Our goal as a band is to have a positive interaction with our audience at every show and to get everyone up and out of their seats dancing.

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